This gives me a headache.

I understand. Nothing is more frustrating than a broken vehicle. For most of us, everything comes to a halt. You’re forced to talk to people you don’t know about repairs you don’t understand. Then you’re expected to trust total strangers with your vehicle and your wallet. Relief is at hand.


Q: Are mobile mechanics more expensive than a shop?

A: I am not. My diagnostic mobile shop enables me to give you full service for less than a traditional brick-and-mortar.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I have been working full-time as a mechanic for 12 years. Before then, I spent 3 years getting my education and certifications. So, 15 years total if you count my education and training.

Q: Where were you trained?

A: Universal Technical Institute. Sacramento, CA

Universal Technical Institute

Zachary Bernet
Zachary Bernet

ASE Master Technician
ASE Advanced Level Specialist
Master & Diamond Certified Mechanic

(916) 256-5962


65 Vintage Court
Clayton, NC 27520
United States

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